Archer City ISD

Welcome to the Parent Portal. Parent Portal allows parents of Pre-K through 12th grade students of Archer City ISD to access their children’s progress in each class via the Internet using our grade reporting program.


Please be aware that ACISD cannot provide technical support for this program and will not be responsible for your inability to access the site from your home or office computer. General recommendations are provided in the instructions as you set up your account. You will need your students' unique Portal ID to setup your account. 


Please record the number and your login information in a safe place for reference. 

If your contact information changes during the year please call Megan Franke at 574-4506 Ext, 1026 for PreK-6. For students in grades 7-12, call Jeanette Willett at 574-4713 Ext. 1018.

We hope that this tool will be a means for improving student performance and responsibility while fostering a positive communication between home and school. 


It is our recommendation that all teachers update grades for each of their students at least on a weekly basis. However, some assignments will require more time for grading and may not be posted within the same week. Should questions arise about individual student progress and/or entries for a particular class, it is recommended that the parent first communicate with the child, then the teacher. 

Please remember the grades you see may not include all assignments or tests that have been completed by your child. Neither Parent Portal nor Archer City ISD make any guarantee or warranty, neither expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or timeline of the information contained in the grading system. Information retrieved via the Parent Portal website should be regarded as unofficial and nonbinding in nature.




If you provided an email address on your Parent Portal account, please verify that your email address was entered correctly.  This will ensure that you receive your subscribed email alerts for your children as well as the alerts that appear for you within Parent Portal.  You can access your email address by clicking the drop down arrow on the upper right corner, go to “My Account” to view contact information.  Please view the email address that you entered.  If incorrect, please edit/change and save.    

Thank you for checking.

Archer City ISD