Windthorst ISD


Class attendance is important for student success as well as school funding from the Texas Education Agency (TEA). We understand that our students have to be absent for appointments (doctor, orthodontist, therapy, etc.) but please encourage your student to miss as little class time as possible. This includes attending class prior to the appointment or returning to class after the conclusion of the appointment. Providing a note for any absence is very important and enables us to meet requirements set by TEA. Good attendance habits will serve your student well as they enter the workforce or continue on to college. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s campus principal.



If you provided an email address on your txConnect account, please verify that your email address was entered correctly. This will ensure that you receive your subscribed email alerts for your children as well as the alerts that appear for you within txConnect. Your email address is located on the "My Account" tab in txConnect.

Windthorst ISD