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Newcastle ISD is proud to roll out Ascender/Parent Portal to our parents and students.  In Parent Portal you will be able to access your student's information for grades and attendance. This account will remain the same all through your child's years at Newcastle ISD.  


1.  When you receive the letter from the school, please follow the directions on the letter to set up your account.  The first step is to create your NEW USER account.  This box is found below the login box.  You will then use the information provided in the letter to login and create a new user id and password. You may add all your children's codes so that all of your children will be under the one account.  PLEASE MAKE SURE TO WRITE DOWN YOUR USER ID AND PASSWORD, ALONG WITH THE SECURITY QUESTION. WE CAN NOT ACCESS THIS INFORMATION FOR YOU.


2.  If you provided an email address on the Ascender account, please verify that your email address was entered correctly.  This will ensure that you receive your subscribed email alerts for your children as well as the alerts that appear for you within Ascender.  Your email address is located on the "My account" tab in Ascender.  You may also add your cell phone number and receive text alerts on your phone.  These alerts can be set by you for both attendance and grades.  If your email is incorrect, please edit/change and save. 



If you feel like you need personal assistance or have any questions, please call Delfina Garcia at 846-3531.


Thank you!





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